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Marboss discovered the electro-pop wave and new-wave at the beginning of 80's. In the middle of this decade, he produced his first electronic songs. He played private concerts in Paris.


During the acid/house period, Marboss was playing at student parties and had live programmes on the radio. During his computing studies at Staffordshire University, Marboss met with different DJ's et musicians of techno tribe, and he discovered samples handling with the first PC music tools (trackers).


It was in Paris in 1999, during an open-day about « techno culture » organised by the Nationale Library of France, which was playing his first LP 'Musica Electronica' (then on the web few weeks later). During this manifestation, Marboss met with H. Maurel (Radio FG) and also E. Morand (FCommunication).


Marboss left Paris in 2001 to live at Juan les Pins (French Ibiza). In the pubs and clubs of côte d'azur his singles were popular dance floor favourites. This is when Marboss produced his second LP 'e-music' in collaboration with Remy Pelleschi from Millenium studio at Nice (France).


Journalist interviewed Marboss and the LP had good reviews in popular French magazines (Trax, Coda...). He performed a live radio show called 'Elektrochoc' each Saturday evening from 8 to 10, on Fréquence K radio (France). He presented his music on radio and in concerts.


Marboss produced in june 2003, a new demo of seven songs. He now lives in Moselle (France), and worked in Metz with 'Arts of Erebus' on their project 'Messaia'.


In January 2007, he released a new single 'Train Grande Vitesse de l'Est' which is becoming the official music for the TGV-Est in Lorraine region (the fastest train in the world !). He met his VJ Jhon Black Fire.


Marboss innovates in march 2008 with his tracks called "Autoroute". He synchronizes directly his GPS navigator with his musical machines.


In June 2008, Marboss signes with Musea label for his third LP called ''electrotherapies'' which is distributed all around the world. He starts a serie of concerts called "Alpha Omega Tour" at La Laiterie in Strasbourg (France) with the american band Ratatat in november 2008.


Become a reference in the use of all the lastest musical and visual technologies in France, Marboss closing Festival Norapolis 7 in may 2009 by a big electro/vjing gig, and presents a new electro concept based on sound designing and djing with Jhon Black Fire.


In December 2009, Marboss played in Saint-Evre church at Toul. He presents a concept of collecting notes from the touch screen of his iPod. The notes collected in the audience are played in a loop and then accompanied by his sound design (see...).


Marboss has won the first contest "Impul'sons" organized by Les Eurockéennes and the newspaper L'Est Républicain. He won the first prize of electronic music and is sponsored by Music Academy International in September 2010.


On 3rd April 2011, Marboss presents an electronic sound-design entitled "Fukushima Daiichi" during a charity concert given at the Arsenal of Metz city (France) and organized by Metz-Lorraine-Japan. After this performance, he recorded his new album released on 11th June 2011 ie 3 months after the Japanese nuclear disaster.


Special guests during a showcase at FNAC of Metz (France), Marboss presents his Fukushima Daiichi album and his electronics sound sculptures technic. He announces the release of a new single Reactor #4 including a "Tchernobyl Remix" from Citizen Chemicals and a "World Trade Center Remix" from Jhon Black Fire.


Marboss is back on a big stage for the inauguration of the 2012 season of Walygator (Amusement Park Lorraine in France) and introduces new electronic song accompanied by innovative VJing on giant screen.


During the three following years, he worked on his new album called 9 mixed by dacom@ and mastered in London, at The Exchange Studio, by Mike Marsh (Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Justice, Digitalism, Cassius, ...). The digital album is available in 4 EPs of 3 tracks each : EP#1/4 (06/09/15), EP#2/4 (09/06/15), EP#3/4 (12/09/15) and EP#4/4 (03/11/16).

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